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Hey Guys!

I know its been awhile since I have posted, I just wanted to check in and share the pickups I and making and plan to be mailing out to people, if you want one just email at my site reddogguitars.com.

They will be for sale for a lot less than my other pickups because these are made of wood and I can just make them much easier than working with metal and they will have a neat homemade rustic look.

They will have old 1880's Tobacco and early Americana themes, if you want to see more of them they will be on my site at,


Just email me anytime and come check them out when you have a few minutes to look the the designs I will be posting, I hope to have maybe 15 or 20. I'm sure I will have something that speaks to your next build and will match your next guitar. Thanks again and if you have any ideas email me too!

I have will have about 20 ideas so just come over when you have some time and email me anytime or if you have some ideas you can look thru them at  http://reddogguitars.com 

I will have lots of different Old West themes. Just email me or leave a comment here and let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks again!

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I updated the video, its here,

email me anytime!

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