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After several failed attempts to wind a single pole pup I could certainly use some direction. Im using 42AWG wire and breaking or burning through every time. I think I could work with a slightly heavier guage, but not sure if that's the right move or what guage???? Any direction would be appreciated.

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Hi Ted,

Over many years I've accumulated a box full of 42 wire that I've broken while winding.  I usually have a 0% failure rate the past few years.  I've learned the proper tension to guide the wire as I use my winder.  What are you using for a winder?  If you want to visit my shop in Stuart I'd be happy to show you how I make my pickups.  You can call me at 856 404 0411.

Wow! Patience is a virtue you must posses! I haven't built a winder yet. Wanted to experiment a little before taking that step. I have hand wound (literally) and used a drill. The winding improved with each try. Most of my breakage was while trying to terminate after the wind. Have you ever wound a slightly heavier guage?
I will be in touch in the near future. Im ready to move to the next level and might need a quick kick the butt to get there. Im thinking you might have a can of that in your shop!

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