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Were can i find video on beginners on how to play and strum the differnet ways to use a slide.Yes im a newbee

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YouTube is the best place I know.  It's how I got started and I've learned as much from there as anywhere. 

Hi Jim,

There are a lot of great videos in the group CBG Playing for Dummies.  Start with the one from Knotlenny, then the ones from LJ.  Then check the rest.

Good Luck


See, that's what I get for not looking at groups.   Gonna have to pull me socks up.  ;D

No worries Wayfinder.  BUT, after Knotlenny, check out 7 vids by LJ and then another 50 by other members here.  

SURFIN' USA!  Tons of learning' here...

By following the teaching videos here in order,  anyone can be playing arenas in 6 months.  Maybe 5...

We help everyone here!

Don't forget us at the Clubhouse when you do get rich and famous...

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