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wiring a 9v pre-amp piezo pick-up and 2 humbuckers to the same 1/4 inch output jack

I recently purchased a kit guitar off Ebay that has a double neck. One is acoustic and the other electric. The person who previously owned the guitar wired the two together at the 1/4 inch jack using a two prong jack and not the three prong for the piezo pick-up. To make a long story short, the piezo didn't work. I replaced the pre amp piezo pick up and wired everything to the new three prong jack, but I can't use the pick-ups separately and if I play awhile on just the bridge humbucker, the sound slowly fades out until I pull the cord out of the jack and put it back in? (resistance building) Please direct me to a wiring diagram that may work. Thank you!!!!!!

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Thank you both for your advice. It is starting to point to the pot

I thought I would let you Ted and Wayfinder know that the guitar is now alive and well. I replaced all of the pot's and wiring with Gibson brand. Of course the Asian pots were smaller and not quite a short shaft and not a long shaft, so I had to router out the area for the much larger and longer pots. I found one bad volume pot and broken ground wires as they chose not to daisy chain the equipment together, but to run several different ground leads from the existing 3 way. It sounds great!! another guitar saved!   Thank you again for the assistance!

Good job Brad! Congrats. : )

Quality of pots and wiring can make a huge difference. Good choices, good results, good job!

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