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My latest build from M NL King plans,rock mapal back and sides spruce sound boiard with poezio pick up fitted Mal(UK)

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Looks really nice, Congrats!

Hi Mal,

Nice build!  I was trying w/o much success to make a similar looking sound-box by bending a long length of 5cm by 0.5 cm wood around a 8" diameter drum with a single bend, and later a couple of reverse bends to make the sides parallel up for a long neck. My question to you is whether you made yours with a single length of wood, or do you cut them in half and do two separate (but symmetrical)bends and then  join them using some kind of tail block?I'd like to see some photos of your build process, especially your bending jig and the steps you go through bend and assemble the pieces.




Hi Rand,If you go on you tube ,type in M.J.King stick dulcimer it explains with vidoes the full build plus you can buy plans from him which you down load.Hope this helps Mal


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