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I have yet to make one, even though I do play six-string quite heavily(see my gear in the 'post your gear' thread).

Get posting those builds! :)

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Squier strat neck, Meranti body, hardtail bridge string thru body, tele neck pickup, Texas plate, 500K pots with treble bleed on the vol. because of the dark sound (don't know if it's the pickup or the body wood).


A few of my builds


This is my latest six string.  I call it the "Gutbuster" because of my terrible experience with the guitar that came just before this one.  It was a semi-hollow and had, or developed, a crack in the 1/4" cap that couldn't be seen from the outside.  Anyway, terrible buzzing/vibration with the low E, but not just a sympathetic vibration.  Something worse.  I changed tuners, bridge, strings, changed out electronics & pickups, re-fretted, etc... Did everything I could think of to isolate the problem but only discovered the crack after sawing it to pieces once I'd decided it was a lost cause.   (Pause to shed a manly tear.)  

This is what I get for any small amount of hubris that I may have developed, thinking that I knew anything at all about building guitars.   A punch in the gut.   So, follow it up with the Gutbuster...
More pictures on my page.  Thanks to Ted and everyone here for all the inspiration I've received via this website.  It's been a revelation.  

Fucking hell, great stuff guys.

Here is one of my Hollow Body Electrics....


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