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WOW, there isn't a Kissing' Cousins about all the versions of All Along the Watchtower.  I thought I covered it years ago, but NOPE.  I'll start off with one that should be number 3, behind Bob and Jimi - here's the Nouveaux Honkies - a local band .  


If anyone reads this, please post a version from a band you like.  If nobody responds, I might just stop paying rent on the Clubhouse - serious, POST COOL STUFF, ASK QUESTIONS, .  Lately the Clubhouse has been slow - FACEBOOK has 30 something CBG pages, even one just for a pic of your cat and a CBG


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a question i ask myself a lot is, once i close the clubhouse, will a lot of folks come forward saying that they would have helped - but once i close shop, there is no coulda, shoulda NO reopen, no place to type any response. that I would see. no place to type..  Gonna be a shame when I delete all this but then folks post elsewhere that 'If I knew, I would have helped the Clubhouse stay open...

life is a bitch sometimes.

(wanna save the Clubhouse?)

Well Tedster, i really hope it doesn't come to that, but traffic has been slow for a while, we can only hope it gets more input, it would be a waste of a great resource


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