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My name is Dave Anderson, I am resident in the city of Derby county of Derbyshire UK .  I am a veteran who retired from the British military after 37 years service, and having being diagnosed with a life threatening illness shortly after retirement made me realise who quick life passes you by so I have recently added learning the banjo/banjolele to my bucket list. So here we go at nearly 62 years y.o. embarking on certainly something I should have done years ago, learn to play an instrument.  Can I say how much I am enjoying it, thanks to my teacher Phil Doleman (www.phildoleman.co.uk google him, he is quite well known), he enthuses you with his easy going style, you can't help learning. Added to this, I am becoming a bit of a luthier, already completed an 8 inch Banjolele, and started on my next project, a biscuit tin tenor banjolele. I just wish we had the luthier outlets in UK that can be found in the US, we tend to pay double for bits and pieces than what you do. Must pay credit to the famous auction site, the Chinese have got it wrapped up, but the quality is not as good as stuff I have imported from stateside, only downside is the cost via USPS. Am in CA at Christmas, so will take a shopping list with me and fulfil some of my wants then.

So there you have it my friends, thanks for the add, I look forward to meeting you all on-line at some time, I will no doubt be seeking advice as well as my building gathers pace.

Play loud and long brothers!


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