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well for now it’s mtgrizzly52 and I live in the wilds of Northwest Montana. I’m almost 67 years young and have been playing guitar and piano since  I was 6 years old.....not well mind you, but I play them. I just never was very good about practicing when young and then I discovered, or others did, that my true musical talent was as a singer, so that is where my efforts have been for many many years. 

I discovered cigar box guitars a few years ago and have been intrigued with them, so I have decided to devote some time to building and playing them. 

So far I have built a diddley bow, and I am close to finishing a 2x4 lap steel. I have the components for a 3 string sitting on my bench, but I am just not sure about how to do the neck from where it enters the box and exits at the tail of the box. I want to do a heel as part of the neck, but don’t get how it all comes together. So that is my area of concern and need someone to help me figure it out.

Any way, this looks like a great site and I look forward to being a productive member of it. Thank you for the add!


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