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Hey, I'm Dan Porter. I've been making ukuleles lately, a couple tenors using Mathias Wandel's free plans. The first one works great, the second one has problems I'm working through. The fret board slid during glue up. soaked for several days to get it apart. Note, use drilled pins two places to hold the fret board in place during glue up. Don't install two frets until after gluing. Now the neck is warped from soaking, should have used a truss rod. I bought a 1/4-20 left hand tap and die to make truss rods. I believe they can be made two way with just one right thread by welding or hard silver soldering the far end. I need to figure that out.

Electronics, my day job, keep your wires as short as possible and twist the signal and ground wires to shield reduce hum. 

I made an electric bass guitar for a friend who lost hers in a fire a couple years ago. Twenty or more years ago I made 50 lap harps, not much market, fun to build. Gourds are fun. 

I'm here to help and learn. A local fancy door factory discards seconds of veneer that has been a gold mine of material. Fine thin woods. I built a surface sander (Mathias Wandel free plans) to make them true. I have a blog with Word Press at


with a lot of information, recipes and pictures.

My latest project is a bass ukulele in walnut with an old growth doug fir soundboard, maple neck, rosewood fret board and bridge. A beef bone from the butcher shop makes most of my nuts and bridges.

It's just wood, I love to build things.

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