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Hello my name is Danny Gordon

I am a 911 supervisor in SWMO. I have been playing guitar off and on for app 10 yrs, the last 3 more seriously. I play acoustic and electric both. I have began to be more interested in the cigar box guitars after researching diddley bows. I have built a one string diddley bow using a cookie tin which is my profile picture. I just recently built one using a cigar box. My next project is a 3 string cigar box. I designed my own tuners using an eyebolt and a L bracket and wing nut. So far it works really well. I added  a nut on the front side of the L bracket so that when it is in tune it can be locked down and for the most part stay in tune. I really like the fact that I am enjoying a part of musical history with these instruments and hopefully doing my part to keep that history alive. The documentary Strung Up is what really got me interested in the whole thing.

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