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My name is Roger and I've just gotten involved in cbg's over the past couple months. I've been pretending to play guitar since I was about 10 and have always loved the blues, especially slide, so this is right up my alley. I've built 5 cbg's so far (can't seem to stop), 2 are fretted but I clearly have much to learn about string action and scales. Gave my first build to my youngest grandson, he loves it. Hope it inspires him to get involved in music.

I've enjoyed reading all the comments, etc about building and look forward to maybe actually learning how to play these things. Should be a fun journey. Thanks.

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welcome .. enjoy

Roger I think you've been reading my diary. Same story different person. I'm on my 3rd build and can't play a lick so you are ahead of me on both fronts. From the groups I have scanned on the net this one seems the most friendly and I only live a couple hours away from the mad scientist himself. Welcome !


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