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Hi everyone. I have just been accepted as a member of this groupe of music lovers. As i am in my 77th year I am privileged to be welcome anywhere. I live in Newbridge Ireland. Having had to retire at age 68 yrs due to ill health, and having been a Lumberjack in my earlier life, I took up woodwork as a hobby. Firstly I started making Ivy Sculptures,  then I decided to build an Autoharp. I got a lot of help from a great Autoharp builder in Seattle, Pete d'Aigle, a wonderful gentleman. I decided to go in at the deep end and build a "Grand Autoharp" , which is twice the normal size , 204 cubic inch sound box as opposed to the normal 104 cubic inch. Picture attached. As I only play solo music I included All semitones, which allows me to play some Classical music. I then began resurrecting old and decrepit  Zimmerman  autoharps .Having read reams of posts about Cigar Box autoharp  I cannot find anyone who has made one.  

Michael Kearney.

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