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I wish I had some ! - just waiting for some experienced folks to add something here Ted

i have started to use a set of ribbon mic's set up in this configuration as room mic's . i then set up individual condenser mic's for each person playing and use them to balance the mix.

there are recordings on my page that are an evolution of my attempts at recording sounds. if you have time to listen i would welcome any comments or questions.

A couple of tips here that may help someone out who is in the same predicament as I.....


I have a tiny home studio, I mean tiny 8' x 12', just enough room to get my gear in and in such a small space that is not treated very well for mic recording and also taking into account a noisy house with flushing toilets, yep the washroom is just a wall away.......adding to that squeaky floors , the boy playing xbox 360 and the wife laughing at all the comedy utube vids ,well to say the least I had to find a way to get a respectable home acoustic guitar sound without miking.......I ended up buying a couple acoustic effects pedals (  Zoom acoustic effects pedal A2 and    Korg ToneWorks AX3A  (ebay find))  they both have plenty of settings ,the Zoom is may favorite, it's newer and just records better and does good job for a home recording setup. Now I still have my mics, large dia. condenser for vocals a small dia. cond. for for acoustic miking and a ribbon for either, of course all dependent on the sound I'm looking to get, and there are no rules per say, just guidelines.........Now when I record vocals I wait tell the family is out and  put the mic to be used in a homemade acoustically treated box, one side open of course and place my windscreen and go for it.....I don't mic amps, I try to make things go as easy and fast as possible and setting up and placing mics is time consuming as well as energy spent ,energy that I need for the session.........


Well that's it for now....Good luck.......Mike Cossey

good ideas and advice.

i prefer the results when i record outdoors....no wall reflections to deal with....but there are sometimes those suprise sounds that come along , dog bark, car horn, boat going by.... all part of the fun.

the treated box idea is a good one....i am presently gathering some materials to make one along these lines http://www.seelectronics.com/se-tv/why-se-reflexion-filters-work-an...

i plan to use foam more like the box idea.....and i'm going to accept the fact that the filter will color my sound a bit and use eq to deal with it.


My name is Gustavo I'm new here
When I'm recording I try to maintain all in the most simple way.
For the moment I'm playing alone, with an acoustic guitar or dobro or cbg and one stompbox.
For demos I do not use any  amp for the guitars but for the cbg I use an old pignose.
For record quickly I use a zoom H2.
With Audacity I do some mix with the H2 files and that's all.
If I want some kind of backing band I use Band in a Box to build it, simple and powerfull.
I put the H2 in the middle of the room, me and the guitars at the front and the pc speakers (JBL Control 1) at the back and record in 4 channels mode.

For preproduction I use another things.
For the acoustic and the dobro one preamp (ART Tube MP Studio V3) I love this!! And go directly to the PC (with mbox 2) and old apple Imac G5 the last with risc processors and 2 GB of ram.
If I want something special for the guitars I use guitar rig.
For mixing I use Pro Tools LE 6.9.2.

And that's all.


I hope I can be helpful if you have any questions and we all learn a little more




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