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High Plains "Drifter"by Mr Tibbs (aka jt burnbridge)

A four string baritone, b-e-a-d tuning

Lowezo 9" cone

8 stonehenge pickups, in two groups of 4: (stereo array)

With one more under the cone 

Wood and strap knobs from a 100 year old chest of drawers

Brass plates cut and acid etched by hand

Danelectro baritone neck w/ hand cut buffalo horn nut

Buffalo horn bass reflex ports

No volume or tone, no artificial flavors



It can use 5 different amp setups:


A: monophonic: cone only 

B: stereophonic: downstroke left, upstroke right

C: triphonic: cone + stereo array

D: quadrophonic: left & right bass B string, left & right E-A-D

E: pentaphonic: stereo bass array, stereo guitar array + cone

yep, vastly different sounds from 5 amps at once.  ;)

has this ever been done before?  i don't know.  I'd heard rumors of this setup being possible.  it does produce a noticable ping pong effect.  the transients go to one channel or the other, but the note sustains out of both sides of the stereo array.

will post recordings when I move to Columbus OH later this week and can scare up some amps and recording gear.


stereo pairs






more pics on my profile page.

how-to-etch pics are forthcoming.

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Here's a quick recording ... bass l/r, cone pickup and vocals.

I don't have 3 amps, so I had to fake it this once w/ overdubs


You'll get the stereo effect best w/ headphones...unless you have a bumping sound system


oh, and this song isn't safe for work.  some swearing...sorry

This is incredible!


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