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I'm designing my own reso cones and just wondering how traditional single cones make contact with the biscuit. Does the biscuit sit in the recess of the cone or on the ridge of the cone. Just trying to figure out the traditional method. Any help is appreciated.



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hi wade

i have only used the 6" Uke cones and the biscuit sits upon the Ridge of the cone i always stick the Biscuit to the cone with CA/Superglue - but i have heard of others screwing the biscuit to the cone using a small screw through the small hole thats in the centre of the Alloy spun cone - i used the mentioned hole to feed the output wires from a Piezo which i stuck to the underside of the Biscuit , sounded pretty good with lots of reso sound
Hope that helps good luck with your project - i have a Reso Cone former myself just not got around to trying it yet but i can feel a spinning session coming on soon lol!
Thanks Juju. Spinning these things is fun. Like the cbg itself, I like the challenge of seeing how far I can push the envelope.
Yep i feel the same way the more of the guitar i can make the better - i'll let you know when i'm winding my own strings lol!:)

enjoy the spinning mate but be safe !

juju :)


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