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There are a few online fret calculators that will give you the fret spacing for any given scale length.


  • FretFind2D. lets you print a multiple page template.  Enter you scale length and other info and click Submit.  Then on the next page, request PDF Files (multiple pages).  Use tape or spray adhesive to attach it to the fretboard and a straightedge and razor knife to scribe the position
  • The StewMac Fret Calculator can give you fret measurements for many different instruments. It doesn't print a template but will give distances in inches or mm, it's more precise to choose mm.  When measuring, always measure from the nut, it's more precise that way.
  • WFRET is a downloadable application for Windows computers.  I've also attached it below as a downloadable file.
  • Scale Length.com Downloadable PDF Fret charts for over 60 scale lengths
Anyone else have solutions?

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I use the stewmac calculator and have had no problems---but I also am a lifelong woodworker and career machinist, so I know how to measure very precisely and don't need templates---I can fret a guitar in about an hour not including dry time for the finish.

Just what I was looking for.




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