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  • Kissin' Cuzzins- Cover Tunes

    20 members Latest Activity: Dec 23, 2016 Post an original and other bands doing a cover

  • Homemade Bass Builders

    111 members Latest Activity: Feb 6 This group is for everyone who has or wants to build their own bass, either standup or other types.Here`s a great site to check out some awesome…

  • Ukulele

    91 members Latest Activity: Jun 18, 2016 Resources, gallery and building tips! Share and savor!

  • handmade music in fiction

    28 members Latest Activity: May 28, 2016

    share pictures and vids of handmade or fun instruments that you saw in comics, cartoons, T.V shows, movies,books etc...or anything else about…

  • 3 string guitars

    100 members Latest Activity: Jan 14

    This is a group about all things in three string!

  • Clubhouse Bikers

    38 members Latest Activity: Sep 30, 2015

    Seems there`s alot of members who ride and I thought it would be nice to start a group to show off our bikes.

  • Young Builders!

    24 members Latest Activity: Dec 30, 2015

    a group for young builders- 18 and under

  • Your CBG Business

    117 members Latest Activity: Jan 3, 2016

    A place to discuss the biz side of your business.  Please post your tips & tricks to help us run a smart, successful business.

  • Skype

    20 members Latest Activity: Aug 31, 2016

    Skype is a free program that lets us video chat.  It's easy to use, all you need is a cheap webcam. Let's get together and jam or just chew the…

  • The Chicago Connection

    25 members Latest Activity: Jan 9, 2016

    Where CBG'ers from the Chicagoland area or anywhere for that matter can share ideas, gather and hang out.

  • Old Radio Guitar amps

    87 members Latest Activity: Dec 6, 2016

    Learn how to convert old radios into cool Retro guitar amplifiers. It is really fun and easy, with just a few wires you can hack into and spice in…

  • Handmade in Florida

    28 members Latest Activity: Jan 18, 2016

  • The Lazarus Project

    19 members Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2016

    Challenge #2 2012, rebuild or repair a real old beater

  • " Critter Crafting "

    12 members Latest Activity: Aug 28, 2016

    Creating your build or a part for one to look like an animal. Any type of " critter " from bugs to elephants, also " woodspirits " which are fun…

  • Crocker Guitars Staff

    1 member Latest Activity: Jan 7, 2014

    Crocker Guitars Staff Only

  • autoharpists

    29 members Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2016 been wanting one of these all my life. cant wake to tweek it thru some effects. what u all think a dem.

Great book by Clubhouse Member David Sutton

Great book by Clubhouse Member Mike Orr

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