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2 string Diddly, full image

As shown, the strings are detached as is the fret board. Had it loosely strung and got my tape measure to see how close the saddles were to the correct scale length.... Somewhere along the line I did a major FUBAR and the scale length was off by more than an inch!!!! Had to chisel off the fret board, cut some wood off the nut end of the FB mount and shorten the FB... I shelved it for a couple of months.

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Comment by Jim Jackson yesterday

Hey Ted, actually no.  It's still pretty much as pictured.  I do have strings on it and it does sound pretty good but all I do anymore is work.  The money is o.k., but I barely have a life!   LOL

Comment by Ted Crocker yesterday

got a final pic jim?   a vid?

Comment by Jim Jackson on Friday

Thanks Jim, I truly appreciate it.

Comment by Jim N. on Friday

What a great piece. (Missed it, 1st time around.)

Comment by Jim Jackson on March 5, 2016 at 1:02pm

Thanks Ted,  I'm going to glue the fret board back on today.  When the scale was off, I still went ahead and strung it up to test the electronics.  Sounded pretty good.

Comment by Ted Crocker on March 5, 2016 at 11:58am

Great details Jim, a real work of art.

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