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I have just discovered 3-string tuning as an alternative to 6-string that might yet make it possible for me to learn how to play a few chords well enough to accompany myself singing, which is the main reason I want to play any instrument at all. So I am putting cotton underneath the first 3 strings of my guitar and just playing the "standard" chords, which is a huge discovery. (No guitar teacher ever taught me that!) I love the idea of making my own instrument, but in the meantime I want to use what I have, which is an old Harmony 5-string (5th string broken) banjo and two 6-strong "classic" guitars, one a low-quality half-size. I know there are various tunings for the 3-string, so I am wondering if there is an optimal tuning for 3 strings that I can use on these instruments. I mean, why use a cigar box if you can get a basic guitar thing for a few bucks and then maybe adapt it optimally for 3 strings? 

Can you use the 3-string method using the lowest strings (standard EAD) instead of the higher ones (GBE)? Seems like those would fit a male voice better. That would be tuning in EAD I guess, or whatever. What I am after is the easiest possible fingering for 3 strings for the basic chords necessary for folk songs, which unfortunately seem to include the whole frigging repertoire (Fs and Bs etc.), but I am looking to try to do the mostest with the leastest. 

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