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Well... I had traced 2 Jaguar-ish bodies onto pine. One became the Lake Placid Blue (1st offset build), and the other was originally going to be a lefty for a customer but the deal fell through. So I decided to build a "lefty" guitar for a "righty"... kind of a reverse flipped Jag. I am very happy with how it turned out. In my opinion it has a futuristic homegrown look and a mellow sound due to its pine body and the awesome "DownUnder" pickup from Ted Crocker. I fabbed the pickguard from a Spanish acoustics back. Maple neck/rosewood board.Tele 3 saddle bridge with a delete plate & pine knobs I fabbed from a sapling. Stained & clearcoated. The body has edge routes, belly & elbow relief hand shaped.Heres a brief pictoral play by play of the build. Enjoy!


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