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Boot sale success!

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Comment by MrRandomWritings on February 22, 2010 at 11:26am
I found a video on YouTube of a guy stripping that pedal down to fix it and yes it has a piezo inside. So far I have added some rubber pads underneath and a rubber walking stick end to the pressy down knobby bit(!) and that has improved matters - slightly more modification and I think it will sound about right so: result!

As to the Glassifier - that sounds a most sensible diagnosis! Glad you were listening that day!

As to the little box in the vid, which I thought I couldn't use, I have just strung it and tested it as my first diddley bow - sounds pretty good - will be wiring it up with a piezo in a day or so.

Thanks for your comment
Comment by Roosterman on February 22, 2010 at 11:01am
Yep, Sundays boot sale day here too... only day I get up early! :o)
Damn good haul bro - pedal looks good, in fact, Iv just repaired one of those for a guy. Nothing inside them at all!
I guess your pedal must have a piezo drum trigger inside? If so, pull it out and encase it in something perhaps, or lay a bit of carpet etc over it?? Just a thought.
Might be wrong here, but I think your Glassifier is something to do with the vitrification process. Its a long story but, in a nutshell, if you vitrify silica rich soil or rock (ie that with quartz in, or if you add quartz to the process), then add a reducing agent, you can seperate the heavy metals such as lead, which is trapped in the resulting glass. This also seperates out any precious metals like gold etc.As an added benefit, once in the glass product, the heavy struff is totally safe to the environment and handlers, so its safe to transport etc.
I knew I would use what I learnt at college one day!! LOL

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